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    We helped Fortis BC build engagement with its new values amongst it's leadership groups. Each corporate value; Respectful, Collaborative, Safe, Progressive and Customer Centric reflects who Fortis BC is as a company, and contributes to their overall culture of engagement and support. We worked with 150 executive leaders throughout the province to formulate a visual representation of the core corporate values through our strategic storytelling process. Working with a visual journeymap, the leaders were reminded of the unique attitudes, emotions, components and process used in creating them. The journeymaps reinforced engagement amongst the leaders...

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Working with Raeff Miles of Raeff Miles Photography and Joanna Kulpa (stylist to the stars) we created eight staged sets to show product settings and thirteen mini-stages. The sets were created here in Vancouver and will be featured in the new catalog, advertisements, website, POS and collateral materials. As the Panasphere brand grows and gains tractions in the A&D community, we wanted to show how these amazing panelling products can transform spaces. From a single boutique hotel room to a large conference venue Panasphere has the product range to fit almost...

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