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The client vision for this project was two-fold; build anticipation and awareness for the new TWU Richmond Campus; and, to give fresh perspective about TWU’s involvement in becoming part of a growing global community. The foundational communications piece was a promotional brochure delivered

to potential students including Asia and around the world as well as faculty members and other stakeholders. We drew inspiration from the President’s vision for the campus after indepth interviews. The architect’s free flowing layouts in sketch format were also sources for our creative approach.

Strategy /  Print brochures  /  Microsite  /  Copy editing  /  Launch strategy  /  Project Management

Communications Material Design Agency Vancouver BC
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Communications Material Design Agency Vancouver
The TWU promotional campaign featured design scamps from the architect depicting campus layouts.
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Brand touchpoints for the Richmond Campus were centered around student and faculty discovery and engagement.
Web Marketing Material Design Agency Vancouver
Branding Design Agency Vancouver
In addition to the brochure, we created a new microsite to showcase the new Richmond campus and draw awareness and anticipation.
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