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Spectra Energy serves three key links in the natural gas value chain: gathering and processing, transmission and storage, and distribution. As a company with a growing network, capacity issues – scalable processes, programs, systems and tools were need to facilitate company wide changes. Coastlines was asked to help create management and employee buy-in.

MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE Research shows people think visually, yet the majority of communications remain focused on words. By creating a journey map, and using it in conjunction with words, we can engage our audiences much more effectively and help teams to focus and envision the MOC process.

Our agency goals; to communicate the entire journey from the company’s Current Reality CR to the Desired End Result DR while explaining individual key messages like Consequences Of Change in a unique illustrated manner. We then used elements of the illustration in key interactive presentations to raise awareness of the review as a tool to engage others and create their own MOC journey. Through workshop style sessions with key client staff, we worked together on a visioning process to facilitate imaginative conversation and filter the collective ideas in this storybook inspired project.

THE DESIRED END RESULT The client has a memorable, engaging and playful process to manage change in compliance with regulations and corporate standards.

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Strategy Visioning Illustration Interactive
The castle on the right represents Spectra’s current reality and the castle on the left depicts the desired end result. The bridge represents management of change and the canyon represents the consequences of inaction.
Strategy Visioning Illustration Interactive