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Bench is a 6 story commercial real estate offering located in the Railtown Design District. Developed by Rendition Developments and designed by renowned architect; Gair Williamson, Bench Railtown boasts modernist design juxaposed within an historical industrial context.

The target audience is primarily collaborative entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators, who together leverage their collective energies to forge new ideas, technologies and products. With this maker mindset, we looked to the primary workshop device used by the artisan – the workbench. Using this foundational tool

as the inspiration for the Bench name and branding, we created the brand logo, identity and communications assets to promote the project.

The Bench brandmark references a stencil effect used to identify industrial objects and workspaces. We created a brochure as the lead touchpoint with authentic location photography shot by award winning photographer –Kristopher Grunert. We created a new responsive website, site signage and hoarding, floorplans, direct mail promotion in concert with targeted email campaigns.

Brand Strategy / Naming / Brand Logo & Identity / Design Application / Copywriting
Brochure / Direct Mail / Photography / Signage & Hoarding / Website / Production Management

Inspired by Railtown’s industrial past, the Bench brand reflects
the authenticity of this industrial area with the sustainability and
connectivity of today’s most progressive office environments.
Drawing on the industrial heritage of Railtown,
we highlighted a contemporary approach as envisioned
by Vancouver architect – Gair Williamson.
We created a brand look and feel that, both online and
in print, personifies a sense of history, emergence
and community in the Railtown Design District.
Bench incorporates over 33,000 SF of tech-forward production
areas for creators, innovators, and craftspeople from manufacturing
and retail space including restaurant, brewery,
coffee roaster, or showroom.
Railtown’s new innovation workspace.